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Big Dog Media offers advertisers the ability to reach captive micro-targeted audiences though two dynamic innovative applications:
Advertise exclusively to pet owners through Vet Clinic TV’s engaging pet-centric content loop in vet hospital waiting areas.
Advertise to affluent Toronto neighbourhoods through Hockey Arena TV’s mini “JumboTron” video walls at ice level in historic city arenas.

Vet Clinic TV

Engaging digital displays in the waiting areas of some of the largest animal hospitals in Canada.

Entertains and educates pet owners with high quality video, trivia and health tips related to pets.

Why Advertise with Vet Clinic TV?


100% Targeted to Pet Owner

Your message reaches your ideal potential customers with no wastage.

Responsible Pet Owners

Regular visitors to pet clinics tend to have the means & inclination to spend far more on their pet than the average owner does.

Captive Audience

There is a reason it is called a ‘waiting room’. Our service makes the wait more enjoyable.

Dominant Presence

Our screens are strategically positioned so they can’t be missed in terms of size, clarity and location.

Compelling Content

Our custom & acquired pet-oriented entertainment content is the perfect vehicle to engage pet owners so they pay attention to your message. See examples below.

Ultimate Flexibility

Design your campaign exactly how you want it with no compromises. Choose your preferred hospitals, timing, ad length and frequency of message to meet your needs.

Advertisement Separation

Unlike other media, Vet Clinic TV never places ads back-to-back.

Customized Ad Production

Leave it to our creative team to design & produce custom ads or submit your own video advertisement.

A Rapidly Growing National Network.

Dominant presence in many of Canada’s largest animal hospitals.

27 prominent locations (to date) including:

4 largest animal hospitals in the GTA

‣ Veterinary Emergency Clinic (23 vets)
‣ Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital (25 vets)
‣ Mississauga-Oakville Veterinary Hospital (27 vets)
‣ 404 Veterinary Emergency Hospital (16 vets)

3 of the largest GP animal hospitals in Toronto

‣ Willowdale Animal Hospital (10 vets)
‣ Secord Animal Hospital (7 vets)
‣ Beaches Animal Hospital (7 vets)

2 largest animal hospitals in Ottawa

‣ Alta Vista Animal Hospital (28 vets)
‣ Ottawa Veterinary Hospital (14 vets)

3 largest animal hospitals in Calgary

‣ C.A.R.E. Centre (25 vets)
‣ Western Veterinary Centre (21 vets)
‣ Calgary North Animal Hospital (17 vets)

2 largest animal hospitals in Edmonton

‣ Guardian Veterinary Centre (22 vets)
‣ VetEmerg (12 vets)

3 of the largest animal hospitals in B.C.

‣ Vancouver Animal Emergency Centre (14 vets)
‣ Mountainside Animal Hospital (12 vets)
‣ Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital (12 vets)

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Advertising Options

‣ Advertisers have the flexibility to target by hospital, by market or nationally
‣ Investment as low as $99 per month per hospital
‣ Greater discounts for regional / national / full year buys
‣ Pricing options available upon request

Fresh, compelling content

Hockey Arena TV


Mini ‘Jumbotron’ Video Walls at ice level


Four historic local Toronto arenas


Reach Affluent Parents of Active Children in some of Toronto's Wealthiest Neighbourhoods

Why Hockey Arena TV?

High Impact Screens

Large HD video walls (7-10 feet wide) installed at ice level in four of Toronto’s marque local arenas.

Premium Positioning

Allows for maximum and sustained spectator viewing, much longer than traditional outdoor ads.

Surprising Reach

Combined yearly spectator audience of the four arenas (1.3 million) is 60% greater than the attendance for all Maple Leaf home games at Scotiabank Arena (820k).

Dynamic Medium

size, location and creative capabilities are very compelling.

Engaging Content Loop

Entertaining mix of hockey related trivia & quotes, news/sports/weather updates, arena news/services and targeted local advertising.

Advertiser Benefits

Active Sports Oriented Families

Reach up to 1.3 million parents & active children in four of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods

Longer Viewing Time

Large video walls are directly facing spectators so your ad can’t be missed. Much longer viewing time than outdoor ads (60 minute games).

WOW Factor

10 ft(!) screens might be expected at the Scotiabank Arena but they make a dramatic impression at the local community arena. Viewers & advertisers will find the video ads dynamic and engaging

New Snack Bar Screens

Newly added 50-inch screen has been added to the snack bar area at Leaside Gardens allowing for another option to reach spectators

Target Locally

These arenas each host numerous events as listed above specific to the North Toronto, Leaside, Rosedale, Forest Hill and The Beach communities

Community Goodwill

A portion of advertising revenues are paid to each arena for arena maintenance, upgrades and to help subsidize youth ice rental rates.

Customized ad production

Leave it to our creative team to design and produce custom ads, or submit your own video advertisement.

Sponsor Packages

Subject to production fee of $100-200 to develop creative message.

Volume Discounts

2 Arena package – 15% discount

3 Arena package – 20% discount

4 Arena package – 25% discount

Fresh, compelling content

Upscale Advertisers


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